Teacher Productivity RumbleDaniel Scibienski@danielscib and thinkblender blog

Essential Questions:
How do teachers get things done? How can we work more efficiently?
We often think about what we are doing, but why don't we think more about how we are doing it?

Compilation of Resources


Say NO more often
Inbox Zero!
Never delete email!
If a task can be done in 2 minutes, do it now.

Tools (analog and digital)

Action Method
Pomodoro (for time management and trying to stay on task, easy to use with a kitchen timer, stopwatch or there are numerous apps and browser extensions)
Wunderlist and Wunderkit
Due App
Printable tools for Project Management
In Google apps, click on wheel, click on Labs and try gentle reminders
Google calendar and Google tasks
The Email Charter

Further Your Thinking

Habit Fields
The Pareto Principle
Best Productivity Methods from Lifehacker
The Accidental Creative
Dan Pink on How to Say No

Ideas to pursue:

How do environment, school culture and team structure affect an individual teacher's productivity?
What about the intersection of creativity and productivity in the world of education?
Does aesthetics affect how likely we are to use and keep using a tool?
If we all have our own individual productivity styles as adults, how can we support this with our students?